Hi everyone I have been intensely rehearsing and finally opening YELLOWMAN by Dael Orleander Smith. The show is at the Guthrie in the Joe Dowling Studio Theater but is a coproduction with Mixed Blood Theater. Marion McClinton has done a remarkable job bringing this piece to life. It speaks to the human spirit on so many different levels if you open yourself up to the experience. For some who have seen the performance/gone on the journey with us you have no choice. Tom Jones III plays my love interest and best friend. He is remarkable to watch and work with. I hope you all come out to see what has been taking up so much of my mind space, time and energy for the last month. For all of you big hearted people who have helped me survive the journey, Thanks. This was certainly not something I could have done alone. Gary, Karl, and Brandon are working away at AtomicK Studios. My new cd of Spirituals, Psalms and Hymns is nearing its finish. The release date is late October or early November. I will be more specific in the next few weeks or so. It was due to release in July but the recording was interrupted by a family emergency. I am very proud of this project which began as an acapella cd. Inspired by my mother Olive. It has morphed from its original idea. I told someone that I was getting away from my vision and they told me that that is what happens with art. OK. Gary Hines' piano accompniament was so extraordinary that I added that and then JD Steele and Patricia Lacey came in for some background work. Strings, organ and other instruments were added. I am looking forward to sharing it with you all. Will keep you posted about concerts, release parties etc. We had a great bit of fun opening your Guthrie's Joe Dowling Studio Theatre with Jeffrey Hatcher's play "The Falls". This was an unusual project in that the community joined with the professional theater to put on a real fun piece of entertainment. I met some terrific people and some likely to be life long friends.


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