We had a great rehearsal yesterday starting with the song we all will be singing together! 

Jevetta Steel (Academy Nominee Award for Best Original Song, "Calling You") 

Jearlyn Steele (https://www.prairiehome.org/shows/55243 & WCCO Steele Talkin')

Ashley DuBose (The Voice)

These ladies are experts at what they do. Amazing ears and feel for whats right. There was a phrase I was trying to figure out. Knew what I wanted but couldn't get to it. Jevetta and Ashley figured it out and translated to Sanford what I was trying to achieve. Jearlyn guides me through the tune I sing with her and Jevetta. It was as if we'd always worked together. It didn't feel new. It felt familiar.

We sat around Sanford's table. His place is our rehearsal space. It's always so welcoming. Fresh fruit salad (melon, mint, cucumber, and feta w/lime) , spring water, and mixed nuts. We laughed and Jearlyn and Jevetta rib Sanford mercilessly. Lovingly. We try to remember when we first met. I'm surrounded by beauty, talent, and greatness. Sanford reminds us we are still rehearsing. I'm still beaming inside. We sing and we sound GOOD!



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