Blues in the Night runs through May 18, 2008 at Ordway Center in St Paul Minnesota. Check the links and press on my site for reviews and kudos. There is also a special for my friends that runs through April. Call the Box Office 651 224-4222 and ask for code 000RMW. It is only for Tuesday and Wednesday Nights but its a great deal. Hope to see you there. Three solo artists and me make a pretty good ensemble. Austene Van has done a splendid job in gathering just the right folks to make a show that is gorgeous to look at and delightfully delicious to listen to. Really. Some of you may know Julius Collins from the group "Greazy Meal". Or as one young lady (Ershawnda) hushed by her sister, screamed "Oh my goodness I knew that was Julius from 'Always and Forever." And then she melted. He moves, sweats and gets all three of us women beside ourselves. The man just gives us the Blues. Jamecia Bennett must have the biggest lung capacity in the world to move non stop and while still sangin' her face off!!!. She sings it so we ALL understand her joy and pain. You may think you don't know who she is but you have most likely heard her and did not it. Google her but don't miss her in this show. You will miss a sho-nuff treat. And then there is the First Lady of Song is what I think they call her. Miss D. Oh...when Debbie sings Lover Man or any number of songs you are transported. When she bends a note it just takes you to another place. And then she gets raunchy. It is hilarious. You WILL like it. The crowd roars. They really do. And then there is me. Once again I am among greatness. Come see me too. We are well supported by Raymond Berg, Jay Young, Joe Pulice and LOVELY Leo. I think I'd better go look up Leo's last name. I could listen to his guitar all night. Well, it has been good chatting with you. Come see me and say hello. I will talk to you soon.


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